“Toddler Cheesing” Has Gone Viral, But Is It Child Abuse?

ANN ARBOR, MI – A new ‘fad’ has gone viral on the Internet that has people asking, “is it child abuse”?

According to Newsflare, “An adorable Michigan baby was left stunned after his father tossed a slice of cheese onto his face in a hilarious fashion.”

After posting this video others are doing the same thing with their children and they are calling it, “Toddler Cheesing”.

Here is the Video:

The man throwing the cheese is Charles Amara and the baby is Charles Junior.

Amara told Newsflare: “[The] baby was perfectly fine after, went back to sipping on his apple juice after like nothing happened.”

Others are taking up the challenge and throwing cheese slices at their toddlers. Do you think this is funny or abuse?