Township Mom Angered To Learn Her Son Will Be Taught Arabic Numerals

Blythe Eason says she doesn’t want her son Cole learning Arabic Numerals.

MANHIEM TOWNSHIP, PA – A Manheim Township mom is angered to learn her son will be taught Arabic Numerals.

Blythe Eason of Manheim Township was shocked and angered to learn that her son Cole will be taught Arabic Numerals at Schaeffer Elementary School.

“Cole is my oldest and entering kindergarten this year. They sent me what they call ‘the curriculum’ and I saw that they are teaching Arabic Numerals. I don’t even know what curriculum is but I know I don’t want him learning about any Arabic Muslim stuff. That’s why we elected Trump.” explained Eason.

Five-year-old Cole is enrolled to enter kindergarten at Schaeffer Elementary but his mother is thinking she may enroll him somewhere else.

Eason went on to tell us, “I may just have to homeschool him or find another school that teaches American numbers if they are going to teach that Muslim stuff. His father and I are tired of that PC stuff.”

We reached out to a representative of the School District who rolled their eyes when we brought up the topic.

“I really don’t think she knows what Arabic Numerals are.” said the representative who declined to provide their name.