Trans Woman Assaults Trans Man In Lancaster Target Ladies’ Room

A transgender woman entered the Lancaster Target ladies’ room and assaulted a transgender man who was already inside. The police have questioned witnesses and placed the transgender woman under arrest.

Both the assailant and the victim were permitted to be in the bathroom, as per Target’s policy and state and federal law. Some conservative members of the police on the scene believed that had Target not adopted their bathroom policy, this may not have happened.

“She, it, whatever, just walked in and started going at this man. Woman. Thing,” said one officer. “If she were not permitted to enter, this would have never happened. Well, hang on, she–I mean, he–looks like a woman. So I guess no one would have noticed. But she is a man? Yeah, so he wouldn’t have entered. He would have realized that it’s the ladies room and refrained from committing felony assault. Yeah that’s it.”

“In our experience, criminals follow store policies really¬†well, but just can’t get a handle on the actual law.”