Trump Demands Canada Pay For Damages From Migrating Geese

Manheim, Pennsylvania – Business tycoon and GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump spoke last evening at a Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry fundraiser gala at Trump Evergreen National Golf Course. Mr. Trump spoke on many topics but he got heated and passionate when the topic of immigration came up. However this time he didn’t stop at our Southern U.S./Mexico Border.

“Look at those illegal, freeloading Canadian Geese.” Trump said pointing over towards the beautifully manicured 18th green at Trump Evergreen. “Those things are everywhere, the come to America illegally, crap all over my golf courses. They’re useless, they don’t even taste good!” He then detailed how when as President, he’d send a bill to the Canadian government demanding reparations. “We don’t have any America Eagles stealing their trout. If these Canadians can’t behave they need to get out.”