Trump Dumps Again: Lancaster…York’s Retarded Cousin

In what is sure to be a local powder keg, Presidential dopeful Donald Trump had some harsh words for Lancaster County residents.  At a recent bathroom break at the Frank S. Farley Service Plaza on the Atlantic City Expressway, Trump began to bloviate and harangue a Mexican janitor who had unfortunately wore a “Lancaster Has Intercourse” t-shirt.  infuriated, Trump was heard to say, “Lancaster?  That’s York’s retarded cousin!!!  It’s the Steve Harvey of Central PA…not quite the big time.  Face it, Lancaster sucks.  It’s stabby, it’s backwards.  If i were to build a soon-to-be-bankrupt resort, I’d choose York.  The people are so much smarter, cleaner and friendlier.  You got that, Chico?”  Mr. Trump then urinated in a trashcan and then ate a small child.