Trump Tells Pennsylvania Dutch to Go Back to Holland

At a recent press conference in Philadelphia, Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump took a question from “The Budget” a national newspaper for the Amish. Mr. Trump was asked if he had any familiarity with the Pennsylvania Dutch, to which he replied, “No, and I don’t want any either. When I am elected president, that group of bonnet wearing buffoons can go back to Holland, as far as I care.” When the reporter tried to explain to “The Donald” that Pennsylvania Dutch do not come from Holland, Trump interjected. “Holland, Netherlands, whatever you want to call ’em. A bunch of tulip loving, wooden shoed freaks. They can take take their filthy beards and make some barns over there in the dark. This is America!”

The reporter accused Trump of being both ignorant and offensive, to which Trump replied, “Boo hoo. When the Amish start voting, I’ll start giving a shit.”