Trump To Asian Republicans: “You are really good at math, but stay off the road.”

Washington – Donald Trump spoke to a group of Asian American Republicans this morning telling them, “You are really good at math, but stay off the road.”

Shocked Asian
Shocked Asian
Following yesterdays gaff where Trump attempted to compliment a group of Jewish Republicans by saying “they are good negotiators”, Trump went on to use more stereotypes while talking to the group.

“You people are really, really good at math. I like that. But, please, stay off the road. You people are really bad drivers.” Trump said and then chuckled. Trump continued by making “squinty eyes”, protruding his upper teeth, and pretending to drive a car and wreck.

The Asian Americans in attendance were taken back by Trumps remarks. A spokesman for the group, Akiro Hiroyuki, said they would be issuing a calculated response later today.

Trump is scheduled to talk to groups of African Americans, Irish, and Italians next week.