Tummy Ache Epidemic Spoils National Watch & Clock Museum Field Trip

Park Elementary Teacher, Irene Hoover, was totally unprepared, for what appears to be, a highly contagious stomach virus that quickly spread among the students in her Columbia, Pennsylvania classroom.

“Monday, everybody’s fine. Tuesday, 23 out of my 26 second graders are out sick. The worst part is that all of these children are going to miss out on our field trip to the National Watch and Clock Museum. They are going to miss out on all the fun!”

Hoover shared a few of the highlights of the museum that the vast majority of her students will be unable to experience.

“There is the beautiful collection of the Hamilton Chronometers from World War II, the 1785 Turet Clock, and the Quartz Revolution Wristwatch exhibit. Each artifact more breathtaking and fascinating than the next!”

Despite the tummy ache epidemic, Hoover looks forward to sharing her timepiece enthusiasm with the remaining three healthy students.

“Even though Julio and Gabriela don’t yet speak any English, I think there is a lot there for them to look at, and I am sure Timmy is looking forward to hanging out with his mom since she is a tour guide there.”