Turkey Hill Stores Raises The Age To Buy Bullet Key Chains To 21

LANCASTER, PA – Lancaster County-based Turkey Hill Stores raises the age to buy bullet key chains to 21.

Turkey Hill Minit Markets, which is owned by Kroger, decided to change its bullet key chain policy “in light of recent events,” Kroger said in a statement to reporters on Wednesday.

The bullet key chains are especially popular in the southern end of Lancaster County.

In addition to the age requirement, Turkey Hill will be removing from its stores any items that resemble “assault-style rifles, including nonlethal airsoft guns and toys.”

“We take seriously our obligation to be a responsible seller of bullet key chains and go beyond Federal law by requiring customers to pass a background check before purchasing any key chain,” the company’s statement read.

Turkey Hill’s announcement comes two weeks after a gunman with an assault-style rifle opened fire at a high school in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people and injuring more than a dozen.