Twenty Shoo-Fly Pie Jobs Relocating To Mexico

An Amish Worker Contemplating Her Future

DRUMORE PA – Rebecca Zimmerman is about to lose her job. It could happen tomorrow or next month, and she knows she can do nothing about it. Zimmerman is a baker at the Drumore Pie Shop, a local bakery that’s about to move work done for generations in Lancaster County to a new plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

This is the Shoo-Fly Pie factory that then candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence visited in October 2016 and pledged to save American jobs.

“Shipping jobs to Mexico” has long been a political hot-topic, but here in Drumore it is a painful reality. Zimmerman and her co-workers have been boxing up baking equipment and shipping it to Mexico.

“There’s not (other) $10-an-hour jobs near here” pined Zimmerman, fighting to hold back tears.

Not only will Zimmerman and her twenty co-workers be affected, but this will most likely have a domino effect on the nearby Dollar Tree and Turkey Hill Minit Market, who rely on workers at the Drumore Pie Shop.

In contrast the new factory in Mexico will pay its workers on average $3 per hour.