Video: UFO Sighting Over Marietta, PA

MARIETTA, PA – Marietta residents were shocked to see what many are calling a UFO this past Sunday night.

“We was sitting outside by our fire when my daughter pointed at a light going over the trees towards the river.” said Tom Major of Marietta.

According to Major and other witnesses who saw the mysterious object say it made a strange noise while moving erratically over the trees before flying quickly towards Harrisburg and disappearing.

“I was scared but wanted to see what it was. I told my kids, ‘give my wife my love’, and went across the field to see what it was. It was drifting and falling. Floating weightless. When it was overhead I didn’t know if I was ever coming home.” explained Major.

Major’s neighbor Peter Schilling managed to capture a short video of the UFO as it moved through the sky and shared it with us. You can watch the video above.

Our calls to the Susquehanna Regional Police for information about the UFO sighting have not been returned.