Warmer Weather Brings Susquehanna Hippos Out Of Hibernation

A big male Susquehanna Hippo yawns in the Susquehanna River as it emerges from hibernation.

PEACH BOTTOM, PA – Warmer weather has brought Lancaster County’s beloved Suquehanna Hippos out of hibernation.

“It was damn cold this year and we was sick of it. I’m glad the hippos are awake. That means summer is coming.” said Peach Bottom resident Sarah Kreider.

According to POL Biologist Earl Sneed, “Susquehanna Hippos were once plentiful in the river and its tributaries. But after the Holtwood Dam was built it blocked migration to their traditional breeding grounds near Harrisburg.”

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Sneed told us that the once plentiful Susquehanna Hippos have fewer than 100 remaining in the wild.

“The Hippos were integral to the life of the Susquehannock Indians who hunted them for food like the Plains Tribes hunted the Buffalo. The Hippos were once thick from shore to shore.” explained Sneed.

Though they appear to be harmless the Pennsylvania Game Commission reminds people that they are dangerous animals and to stay away. Especially when they are breeding.