“Whirl-A-Sage” Light Box Sign Designated Historical Landmark

Local health spa “Whirl-A-Sage” has been a prominent fixture of Downtown Lancaster for over forty years. Over that time, numerous changes have occurred. There is some new staff, the walls have been painted, credit cards are now accepted, and bed sheets have been changed on at least five separate occasions.

However, one thing that has remained constant over the years is the lemon-yellow florescent sign that welcomed visitors over the decades. Local F&M History Professor and Whirl-A-Sage VIP member, Dr. Fred Cooper, noticed the sign was missing upon his latest visit.

“Management told me that it was burnt out, and they threw it in a dumpster.”

Cooper spent the afternoon salvaging through the spa’s garbage in hopes of retrieving a local piece of history. Six hours and three showers later, he found it.

“This sign is remarkable. It is a piece of history. It is Lancaster! They might as well burn down Wheatland”.

Dr. Cooper put the signage in the back of a U-Haul and took it back to his college office. He then started a petition of over 100 signatures requesting the sign to be considered an historical landmark. After a busy day at Club Good Times and several downtown bookstores he reached his goal.

Plans are now in place to use federal tax dollars to remove years of grime, filth, and questionable fluids to restore this local beacon to its previous glory.