Whirl-A-Sage To Offer Lunch Buffet

Abner Hockenfoos - Gap Lighthouse Keeper
Abner Hockenfoos – Gap Lighthouse Keeper

Lancaster – Today was the soft-opening for the new lunch buffet at the Whirl-A-Sage Health Spa on North Lime Street. A Lancaster institution for decades it has decided to diversify in order to appeal to ┬ámore patrons.

“Our customers kind of like to keep a low profile so we decided against a big Grand Re-Opening party and instead just had this low-key soft opening.” General Manager/Sous Chef Fonda Peters told POL. Citing a recent downward trend in business Peters added, “We thought by adding a lunch buffet we could win back more of the corporate crowd that is eating downtown at Isaac’s, or eating in their cars at Long’s Park.”

The buffet is complimentary with any spa service or can be ordered ala carte for $9.95 + tax. The buffet will have three rotating dishes daily so that patrons will be able to try something new each visit. There will also be special menus for holidays and religious observances.

“We’re so excited that today is Cinco de Mayo. I mean, we’ve had Taco Tuesday here for years but┬átoday we’re actually having real tacos. Soft and Hard ones.” Quipped resident jizzmopper Manaj Atwaa.

A bow-tied patron who wished to remain anonymous told us, “This is the best place in Central PA to pick up crabs. They are amazing!”

Other patrons raved over the homemade Ranch dressing and the Whirl-A-Sage “secret ingredient”.

Future plans are to open a do-it-yourself Happy Ending Sundae bar that should be completed by late May.