Wild Florida Giraffes Take Hurricane Storm Surge In Stride

A giraffe in Florida wades through hurricane surge waters to feed on mangrove leaves.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Wild Florida giraffes are taking the taking the hurricane storm surge in stride.

Giraffes throughout Florida have been seen wading through the storm surge with their heads above water and feeding on upper tree branches.

According to POL Biologist Earl Sneed giraffes have a very unique way of managing rising waters.

“Giraffes are goddamn tall.” explained Sneed.

But not all is good with the giraffes as they’re pushed inland by the hurricane. Giraffes have been note taking up residence in homes left vacant by residents who have fled the hurricane.

“Neighbors who stayed behind tell us that two giraffes have moved into our home.” said Bob Snyder who fled to his son’s house in Alabama to wait out the storm.

Giraffe removal can be very expensive with local pest removal companies in Florida charging upwards of $2,500 to remove a single giraffe.