Wolves Released In Chickies Rock County Park

chickies rock wolves
Three wolves were recently release in Chickies Rock County Park

Columbia, PA – The Pennsylvania Game Commission has released three wolves in Chickies Rock County Park as part of a wolf reintroduction program across the state.

Chickies Rock County ParkThe long rumored “wolf stocking” program has finally come to fruition with 48 wolves released in parks throughout Pennsylvania.

“In addition to restoring wolves to their native areas in the state they are also expected to help control the moose population that has exploded in parks throughout the state.” said PGC spokesman Earl Sneed.

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Located between the boroughs of Columbia and Marietta, Chickies Rock County Park is the county’s second largest regional park covering more than 422 acres. The three wolves, two female and one male, are expected to remain within the confines of the park and pose no threat to visitors.

Sneed added, “We hope that the wolves will breed over the winter and have a litter of wolflettes in the spring.”

Visitors are welcome to take pictures of the wolves but are also discouraged from trying to pet them.

Chickies Rock County Park