Woman Calls Christmas Eve Kiss A Mistake, Heads Back To The City

Candace McKeller and Luke Walker share a kiss as cgi snow falls around them.

MARIETTA, PA – Candace McKeller, who currently lives in New York City, was visiting her family and says last nights kiss with a troubled yet handsome artisan was a mistake and is headed back to the city.

“I just came to visit for the holidays and help my parents with their struggling Christmas Bakery. There was some alcohol, some cgi snow, you know the story. It was a mistake.” explained McKeller.

But emotionally troubled and really good looking local artisan Luke Walker says it was many things, but not a mistake.

“She is saying it was a mistake and all but I know better. She was feeling this Luke’s force if you know what I mean.” said Walker.

McKeller was planning to leave in mid-afternoon so that she would be back in time to join her tall balding stock broker fiancé for dinner.

“It was nice seeing my family but quite frankly I don’t see how their business can be saved. I mean, a bakery that only bakes Christmas goods? How is that supposed to work year-round? And Luke? Really? He carves animals with a chainsaw.” said McKeller.

Luke Walker claims he will be fine as there are “plenty of skanks at Shank’s.”