York Dragons Starting To Build Their Nest

(York, PA) The WGAL York Sky Cam caught a rare glimpse of Cletus and Shanikwa, the York County dragons scouting for a new nest in the City of York. According to People of Lancaster Reptologist Earl Sneed, it is out of character for the dragons to nest in the City of York. “Dragons tend to prefer solitude and will usually nest near in more remote areas like the Delta or Hanover area where there are fewer threats.” Sneed is concerned that the frequent shootings and house fires in York could anger the dragons and cause them to break their 50 year non-aggression pact.

The last Dragon attack reported was in 1969 when Cletus was angered by Southern Rock at the York Fair and attacked the crowd, resulting in 18 fatalities. After that incident the York County Commissioners made a blood sacrifice to the dragons which has resulted in 50 years of peace.

People of Lancaster will continue to monitor the situation.